Gourmet House Ltd. was founded in Hong Kong in 1994 by Jurg Meier together with Betty Liu and Rene Frauenfelder.
In 2008, Gourmet House Macau ltd. it started its business in Macau, and it was one of the pioneering, if not the very first, corporate who freshly produce quality chocolate locally at that time.
Gourmet House Macau now owns 2 other associates – Kam Mun Tong Food Factory and Schoggi Meier Patisserie & Chocolaterie.
We provide chocolate, cakes and bakery products to various 5-star hotels, restaurant, coporate. We also provide tailor-made cake, chocolate & bakery product to personal needs.
Our chocolate raw materials come from quality-proven origin, such as Switzerland and France.
With wide range of variety, chocolate, macaron and cookies for instance, we are your first choice of gift box in different occasions such as wedding, festival, etc.
We also provide tailor-made gift boxes, serve as corporate gift as well as for wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc., which will perfectly fit your special occasions & needs, and ensure you & your guest be delighted.
We have a cake shop and a dessert bar where you can buy our products anytime. You are welcome to place your specific orders such as wedding cake. (See more at "Our Shops").
現時澳門高美好旗下有金滿堂食品廠及Schoggi Meier Patisserie & Chocolaterie;
我們的主要服務對象為五星級酒店、餐廳、企業,同時我們亦專門為私人客戶提供各種蛋糕、朱古力、烘焙糕點產品等等 ;
我們的原材料全都來自有質量保證的地區 , 如法國及瑞士等;
一份度身訂造的朱古力禮盒,因應您的要求製造, 是世上獨一無二的禮品, 務求令您和您的賓客有一個美麗精彩回憶;
現時高美好旗下有"Schoggi Meier Patisserie & Chocolaterie",顧客除了可購買各款產品外,更可各我們查詢並訂制合適您心意的結婚蛋糕等等。 (詳見”Our Shops”)。