We know you care for your business partners and your team, so what's better than a box of chocolate to show your gratitude?
Yes the obvious answer is an artisan chocolate gift box, with every piece handcrafted freshly in Macau by our chefs. While you may not be able to hug each & every one of them, we make sure they feel the sweet.
Tested & tasted, developed & refined throughout the years, with finest quality ingredients from overseas, our products have long been accomplishing the paramount standard and never fail to put a smile on your face.

Chocolates, macarons, butterfly palmier, traditional European cookies and many more, we guess the most challenging part might probably be the assortment selection. There are a lot of gift options from our range, be it for your special one or hundreds guests at a massive event, you will always find the right one to deliver the heavenly experience. Thinking might want to design your own box? Yes you can! Have a say on the design, material, colour or even special effect, we will work out a special & customized one for you.
為您的業務夥伴和團隊送贈心意, 我們誠意呈上訂造禮品系列。
採用優質原材料,在澳門本地新鮮製造, 創造出極致的口味和款式,每一口都能感受到用心的製作。
為客戶提供專屬的設計, 讓您的品牌打做出獨一無二的禮盒, 配上手工朱古力, 曲奇, 馬卡龍等等, 為您的賓客送上一份獨特的心意。