Schoggi Meier Patisserie & Chocolaterie
澳門三盞燈區店 | 2836 2699   more
澳門黑沙環區店 | 2876 2602   more
Schoggi Meier mainly supplies pastry and bakery items, such as birthday cakes, assorted cakes, cookies and Butterfly made from New Zealand butter puff pastry. With 24 hours operation in our production house and without adding any preservative, we can guarantee every piece of bit you are having is freshly made and healthy. Our home-made praline & macaron is our signature products, you will never go home with empty hands!
Schoggi Meier Patisserie & Chocolaterie提供多款精緻美味的蛋糕西餅曲奇蝴蝶酥
而獨家的Schoggi Meier品牌朱古力亦在門市中設有專櫃,
Schoggi Meier Patisserie & Chocolaterie – Dessert Bar
澳門筷子基店 | 2822 0616    more
With all the products in the shop, our dessert bar, one of the very first ones in Macau, embraces dining area for our customer to leisurely enjoy our dessert. Not only the “in your face” freshly made desserts are available, our freshly brewed expresso will certainly delight coffee lovers. A cup of cake latte with our signature dessert platter, it is really a joy, isn’t it?
我們在澳門設立了一間甜品吧 (Dessert Bar),除了供應蛋糕產品外,