At Gourmet House we import the best quality chocolate materials from Switzerland and make every piece of chocolate freshly for you.


Gift Boxes
A gift that is personalized is always unique and shows you really care. Gourmet House has exclusively designed a wide range of personalized packaging to customise your gift and add zest to your event or marketing plan.
Bakery and Pastry
Gourmet House provides high quality fresh savory, cake and bakery items to cater for all your requirements. We produces over hundreds kind of standard bread & cookies, meanwhile we are always happy to customise our products to suit your particular requirements and occasion
Premium brands-representative
Gourmet House places great importance on freshness and quality of our products and raw materials. We only use premium couverture from Felchlin in Switzerland and from Kessko in Germany; butter puff pastry slab from New Zealand; fair trade organic tea from Sirroco in Switzerland.

我們十分注重原材料的質素。我們之代理的瑞士FELCHLIN及德國的Kessko的朱古力;紐西蘭的牛油酥皮;以及瑞士的Sirroco的有機茶葉, 也是我們自家製作的重要原料

Seasonal Specialty
Gourmet House is dedicated to providing you with a unique and special chocolate products and gift selections for festive occasions, including Easter, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc.
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